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Reward 1 Invite Reward

After the friend opens an account, the first deposit is greater than $50 USD, and the cumulative transaction exceeds 0.5 lots, which is a successful invitation. The more people you successfully invite, the more rewards

  • 200K


    Invite 1~2 people
  • 300K


    Invite 3~8 people
  • 400K


    Invite more than 8 people

* Cryptocurrencies are not eligible for this program

Reward 2 Transaction Reward

Within 180 days after a friend’s deposit, if the accumulated transaction exceeds 1 lot, the transaction reward can be activated. You can get a trade reward of $5/hand for friends, each invite friend can get up to US$400, and if you invite N friends, you can get a trade reward of up to 400*N!

For Example
Received $320





Deposited $50 and traded 28 lots

Get $5 invitation bonus

Deposited $50 and traded 32 lots

Get $5 invitation bonus
A invite B: 28*$5 + $10 = $150; A invite C: 32*$5 + $10 = $170; So A can gain a total of : $150 + $170 = $320
Participation process
  • Share invitation link to friends

  • Fiends register and deposit ≥ $100

  • Trade and get bonus

*Please download the App and log in to your account to participate in the activity through the activity page

Activity Rules
Please download App to participate in activity
  • IOS

  • Android

Invitation record
  • Received reward

  • Number invited

Rewards History


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